Vixen>>Aloha>>HAWAII - USA

On Nation Underground - 1983 - Shrapnel
The Natives Are Restless - 1985 - Axe Killer

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Gary St. Pierre>>Vicious Rumors - Deuce>>EDWARD PAUL DAY>>Rockin’ Bones

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Gary St. Pierre - JOE GALISHA>>Liquid Mirror, Big Dawg


History & Biography
Hawaii was an early US metal band best known for the presence of future guitar hero Marty Friedman. The band rose from the ashes of Vixen (1981 to 1982) and quickly appeared on a US Metal sampler - part of a series released by Shrapnel Records. The band detoured through the name Aloha (1982 to 1983) and released a demo under that name. Aloha featured a female singer called Lisa Ruiz. Hawaii's first major show was opening for Deep Purple.

One Nation Underground featured St. Pierre on vocals and bass, Friedman on guitar and Graves on drums. It was recorded in the spring of 1983 at Rendez-vous Studio in Hawaii by producer Pierre Grill. The band's singer Gary St. Pierre decamped to Vicious Rumors after the debut. St. Pierre was replaced by Friedman's old Deuce colleague Eddie Day. The act released a 1984 EP called Loud, Wild & Heavy and introduced a second guitarist for its final album, the well-promoted The Natives Are Restless. The EP had introduced Day, as well as bassist Galisha.

No Remorse Records would issue three albums of older music featuring guitarist Marty Friedman in 2017, namely Vixen’s Made In Hawaii EP, Hawaii's Loud, Wild And Heavy EP and a collection of late ‘70s material by Deuce, which went on to become Tension. All EPs had been augmented by additional material which would make them full-lengths.

Joey Galisa died in 2011.