Bad Boys - 1986 - Attic
Don't Just Stand There - 1987 - Attic
Nuthouse - 1990 - Attic
Get Off - 1992 - Attic

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History & Biography
Haywire was born and bred in Prince Edward Island, the province of Anne Of Green Gables. The year was 1981 and several local boys got together to form a rock band. This line-up featured drummer Ron LeBlanc. The band was a mere cover band to begin.

The band garnered a reputation in PEI and recorded a self-titled demo EP in 1985 before signing to a Toronto-based record company. This demo was partly financed through the proceeds from a radio station contest winnings. Attic Records signing the band proved mutually beneficial when the band's debut, entitled Bad Boys, sold over 100,000 copies in Canada alone. The album was helped by the single Bad Bad Boy. The record, and its follow-up, was produced by Brian Allen of Toronto. Don't Just Stand There would double that number and yield the single, Dance Desire. The group toured with Helix and Honeymoon Suite and represented Canada at a contest in Japan. Dance Desire won the Best Song category.

Nuthouse was recorded in Norway with Stage Dolls' Bjorn Nessjoe producing. The band was unhappy with the mix and further worked on it themselves. The record company was also unhappy with the music. The band and label went their separate ways. Paul was heard on the Harem Scarem album of 1994.

The group disbanded - while still relatively successful - in the early '90s, but reformed in 2002 as a side-project. The last two albums had sold less and concerts were no longer selling out. Rashed had gone on to become a record producer. The band continued playing concerts especially in the Canadian Maritimes. Haywire had played a reunion gig to welcome the new millennium, their first concert in years. The band was both nervous and nostalgic on stage. In the meantime, the band has often reported working on a new album.

H3O also featured Ian Crichton of Saga.