Thor - 1994 - Loud Out
The Kiss And Other Movements – 1998 – Ceremony

Hazael image

G= Domain, Pandemonium>>Jacek Kania>>Pandemonium – Aberration>>TOMASZ SULKOWSKI

B= Nightmare>>Tomasz Dobrzeniecki>>Blind Beyond, Black Mad Lice, Alastor, Empheris

D= Mariusz Denst>>Kanabiplanto, Himillsbach, Koli, Lao Che

History & Biography
The band with the Arabic name actually hailed from Poland. It was formed at the beginning of 1990. In the spring of the same year the group recorded a demo called Chapel Of Doom. Shows, among others, with Vader, Samael and Loudblast at the Sharp Attack festival followed. The Poles recorded a new demo called Clairvoyance. The band exchanged its second guitarist before obtaining a deal and recording its debut album. The death metallers' album was issued in 1994.

The band signed with Century Media in 1995. The Kiss And Other Movements was recorded, but the band was dropped before the record’s appearance. The style had gone poppy. The group disbanded, but Ceremony Records released the recording a couple of years later. The band returned with a new line-up in 2014 and lasted a year.

Hazael featured a concurrent Pandemonium member in the form of Jacek Kania. This act should not be confused with the Brazilian band with the same name. Denst achieved success in Poland with his pop ska band Lao Che.