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History & Biography
This Maringá-based Brazilian heavy metal band was first formed on October 12th, 1999. A demo called Hazy Tales was issued two years later. Oddly for a Brazilian band a track was called Funeral For A Viking. Singer Mario Bertin left the band to pursue an academic career in 2002. The band invited Migotto to join. Revelation followed in 2003. Hermano Filho was on drums. The group issued a single called Chrome Heart and another demo, this one called Forging Metal, before going silent and eventually going on hiatus due to the singer dysphonia in 2011. The band did appear on a WASP cover album in 2010.

The band returned in 2013 and issued Full Throttle. The release was through Arthorium Records, which belonged to the group’s then vocalist Arthur Migotto. In 2014, the band released its first official music video for the song Symphony Of Steel. The release date was chosen to celebrate a double anniversary: the fifteenth anniversary of the group's career, celebrated in mid-October, and the one-year anniversary of the Full Throttle album, which was issued by Arthorium Records in November of 2013. The album was to be out in September through a European label, but due to “frequent communication problems” Hazy Hamlet opted for a contract termination. The record would now be the first release by Arthorium Records, a new label founded by singer and songwriter Arthur Migotto. In the autumn of 2015 and after 14 years in the band vocalist Arthur Migotto, who also acted as the band’s composer and producer, decided to leave the band by the end of the year. He lived too far away from the rest of the band. The band was seeking a replacement. Singer Michel Matievicz joined in 2017, but he left in 2018.


For some reason I had the impression that Hazy Hamlet is not an interesting band. When The Metallian handed me this CD for review the immediate impression was that the group is not anything one would want to listen to. Based on this experience, the band is serious and a contender.
The band hails from Brazil and still is influenced by Running Wild. The metal is powerful, bombastic and true. The band’s instrumental and opening track are not as action-oriented as the rest of the stuff, but the other six tracks pound against the cranium with the feel of true metal. Symphony Of Steel may be truly named. Jaws Of Fenris is the pounding anthem. Thorium sounds silly, but boy does it put pedal to the metal. Red Baron is a reference to a pilot and scorches too.
Look, a Brazilian band signing about Odin and Thor sounds as silly as an American band doing it, but on the musical level, the heavy metal is a modern (lack of) update to the traditional glory days. In the meantime, the group’s singer Arthur Migotto has packed up and left so the future is up n the air, but for the present Hazy Hamlet is clearly and unambiguously worthwhile. – Anna Tergel


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