System Overload - 2009 - Season Of Mist

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S= After Forever, Magic-O-Metal>>SANDER GOMMANS>>After Forever, Magic-O-Metal

G= After Forever, Mayan, Scheepers, Kiske/Somerville, Trillium, Magic-O-Metal>>SANDER GOMMANS>>After Forever, Mayan, Scheepers, Kiske/Somerville, Trillium, Magic-O-Metal



History & Biography
Hate Death Kill, later, HDK, began as a side-project of After Forever guitarist Sander Gommans in 2005. Also participating were singer Mike Scheijen of the bands Chainslack and 37 Stabwoundz and Peter Vink of Star One. A demo was recorded in 2006. The band signed to the French label, Season Of Mist. The debut album featured numerous guests. These included Arjen Anthony Lucassen (Ayreon), Patrick Savelkoul (Callenish Circle), Andre Matos (Angra and Shaaman) and Joost Van Den Broe (After Forever). The band issued a demo called Serenades Of The Netherworld in 2014.

The band and Sander's Magic-O-Metal collaborated through a song upload in support of Ukraine in 2022.


HDK (Hate Death Kill) is a side-project so perhaps Metallian doesn't need to allocate much space to it, but there are a couple of points of interest. The first song, called System Overload, takes a Slayer riff as its base and bends it. The vocals sound like Anthrax so one might get the impression that the band professes to thrash metal gods, but that is not so either. Despite the name, HDK is not a death metal band either. In fact, and one can draw an analogy to Season Of Mist itself, the Dutch side-project is a real blend of everything and anything and most of it quite bad. These guys have female opera vocals, keyboards; thrash metal, metalcore, mallcore, crossover and goth hot air. The nü stuff is all over the middle part of the album.
The goth and modern commercial songs are a serious arrow through the heart of this thing, but the matter of the jumbled sounds and gimmicks would have nailed this on its own. Not quite sure why people are calling this 'thrash' (other than the label’s description persuades some, but probably 'trash' would better justify the disc. - Anna Tergel