Túmulo>>Headhunter>>HEADHUNTER D.C. - BRAZIL

Burn...Suffer...Die - 1991 - Cogumelo
Punishment At Dawn - 1993 - Cogumelo
...And The Sky Turns To Black - 1995 - Mutilation
Brazilian Deathcult Live Violence - 2002 - Independent
God’s Spreading Cancer - 2007 - Dying
In Unholy Mourning... - 2011 - Mutilation
Death Kurwa! - Live in Warsaw 2013 - 2016 - Bestial Invasion

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Divine Pain, Exodus Attack>>SERGIO BALOFF BORGES>>Divine Pain, Exodus Attack

Tumulo, Mystifier>>Paulo Lisboa>>Mystifier - Fabio Nogueira - Simon Matos - Keter>>George Lessa>>Keter

Ualson Martins>>Falling Tears - Alberto Alpine>>Veuliah - Alex Merdonca>>Carnified - Paulo Alcantara>>Blackness - Wintermoon, Inoculation>>Zulbert Buery>>Wintermoon, Inoculation, Leprovore, Noise Against Christ

Iacana Lima>>Plexus,Zona Abissal, Exodus Attack - Marco Tulio Constantin>>Cracked Skull - Andre Moyses - Mystifier>>Thiago Nogueira>>Tharsis, Ungodly, Chronon - Insaintfication, Antrochaotic, Ungodly, Malefactor>>DANIEL BRANDAO BEANS>>Insaintfication, Malefactor

History & Biography
The Brazilians formed the band in the autumn of 1986 as Headhunter, but had to contend with the Swiss band of the same name being there first! D.C. or Death Cult was added. The founding lineup featured Paulo Lisboa and singer Eduardo Falsao.

The band released a demo called Hell Is Here in 1989 and a rehearsal tape in 1990 and gained distribution through Los Angeles-based Wild Rags. With singer Baloff at the helm, the band signed to Brazil's Cogumelo record company/store. The band toured Brazil during 1993 and 1994.

Tulio Constantin joined for album number two, but was soon replaced by Moyses. For the ...And The Sky Turns Black album the act turned to Mutilation Records. This album was licensed by Mercenary Musik for the American territory. At the turn of the century Alcantara was replaced by his predecessor, Alex Merdonca. Burn...Suffer...Die was re-released in 2002 with Hell Is Here tagged unto it as a bonus. The band issued God’s Spreading Cancer in 2007, but Ibex Moon reissued it in 2010 in North America. Headhunter D.C. would release In Unholy Mourning... in December of 2011 through Mutilation Records.

Stanley Serravalle became the bassist in 2020. Danilo Coimbra became the second guitarist in 2021. A Hail To The Ancient Ones… was a 2021 compilation. …And The Sky Turns To Black… (The Dark Age Has Come), the third album by Headhunter D.C. was re-released on black vinyl through Peruvian label Crypts Of Eternity Productions in 2023.


Headhunter DC’s provocative new title is typical for the band and the label, Ibex moon, which has rapidly filled a niche for blasphemous death/black metal. The music is similarly sacrilegious and extreme. Ranging from frenzied speedy death metal to pounding brutality and the occasional thrashiness like the track Angelkiller the Brazilian quintet goes for the total body blow with a complete album that tags a cover and live tracks to give it extra value and length.
The vocals of Sérgio Baloff are vicious in an early Sodom/Destruction kind of a way, although that is hardly a surprise given names like the aforementioned Angelkiller. Sodom’s singer is one Angelripper of course. The singing style does change from track to track as well.
The band has paid its dues and been at it for quite a while - the album itself is a re-release from its original date of 2007 - so wider recognition is well over-due although the songs do tend to go slightly awry on occasion partly because of too many tempo changes and drumming gone berserk. The tumult is also the band’s strong point so one wouldn’t want to knock it too much, but a little arrangement might not be a bad thing. God’s Spreading Cancer is old school, sure, but valid and really heavy. - Ali “The Metallian”


Headhunter D.C.