Inside You – 1998 – Event 99th Floor
Growing Apart – 2013 – Lion
Melt The Ice Away – 2016 – Mighty
Square One – 2021 – M-Theory

Headless image
S= WALTER CIANCIUSI – Madison, Goran/Dag/Dan, Jayce Landberg, Yngwie Malmsteen, Swedish Erotica, Vindictiv, Signum Regis, Brazen Abbot, Nikolo Kotzev's Nostradamus, Vinnie Vincent Invasion, Xsavior, Time Requiem, Mårran, Shadrane, Stratosphere, Dark Blue Inc., Bleckhorn, Roxx>>>>GÖRAN EDMAN>>Jayce Landberg, Xsavior, Time Requiem, Mårran, Shadrane, Stratosphere, Dark Blue Inc., Bleckhorn, Roxx

G= Geoff Tate>>WALTER CIANCIUSI>>Geoff Tate – The Wolves, Geoff Tate>>DARIO PARENTE>>The Wolves, Geoff Tate

B= Naigel Carusi - Mauro Buoninfante - Walter Cianciusi – Elegy, 7 Miles To Pittsburgh>>MARTIN HELMANTEL>>7 Miles To Pittsburgh

D= Enrico Cianciusi

K= Mauro Buoninfante

History & Biography
Headless was screwed on in 1993, was beheaded in 2000 and reconstituted in 2011. The act was founded by cousins Walter (guitars) and Enrico Cianciusi (drums). The progressive band had a demo called Future To Past in 1996. The sexily entitled album debut was called Inside You and issued through something called Event 99th Floor in 1998. Mauro Buoninfante and Naigel Carusi left in 2000 at the time of disbandment and did not return when the act reformed in 2011. At the same time, Walter Cianciusi gave up his exclusive control to the microphone. Mike-for-hire Göran Edman was the vocalist upon reformation. The guitarists were part of Geoff Tate’s solo act and Queensrÿche drummer Scott Rockenfield helped with the return album. Martin Helmantel joined in 2020. Square One was supported by a video for Streetlight Buzz.

The band has opened for the likes of Fates Warning, Queensrÿche, Candlemass, Angra, Skid Row and Bonfire.