Ritual Sacrifice - 2008 - Beer City

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S= PAT MCCAULEY>>Lucifer D. Larynx And The Satanic Grind Dogs Of Death


B= Dave Carr

D= JASON BROOKS>>Who Fucking Cares?

History & Biography
Head On Collision was an authentic thrash metal band from the metal hotbed of Saint Louis, Missouri. Formed in 2004 by former Very Metal (ironically a hardcore band on Beer City Records) members after the demise of that band four years earlier, the band issued a demo called Arise From The Wreckage. The band signed with Beer City and issued its debut album three years later, in May, utilizing its demo songs and more. Dave Carr played bass on the album, but was not a member upon release. The album was recorded in June of 2007 at the Collision Center! The band toured the USA in the spring of 2009. The band was next working on a new album due on Beer City in May, 2010. Instead the grup did not even make it to that year.


Sure, there is nothing original about this St. Louis based thrash metal band (save its location perhaps), but that is the beauty of it. This material is so authentically thrashing metal like it’s 1987 that one wonders whether the band had the material tucked away in a vault somewhere only to launch it upon the unsuspecting masses two decades later. Head On Collision is exactly that. Pure metal nestled in a thrash and speed metal base complete with rapid-fire vocals, straightforward guitars and a moshing drummer that takes no respite. Genuinely fast and heavy, Ritual Sacrifice is a cross between early Exodus’s Bay Area thrash metal sound, Germany’s Assassin and Canada’s Razor circa 1988. How vintage is that?
Ironically, such authentic speed/thrash stems from former hardcore devotees, which might explain that little bit of extra thrashing power and no-holds barred riffing a la the very start of the album. Departed bassist supplies the vocals on the song Fear. The bass sound is phenomenal, the solos are noisy and screeching as is the rasp of the vocals, but overall the sound falls a tad short of state of the art. Otherwise, look for pure metal lyrics as well as political awareness on a song like Enemy Lines and the album rollicks non-stop. - Ali “The Metallian”


Head On Collision