Asunder - 2000 - Impression
Whatever It May Take - 2002 - Lifeforce
Antigone - 2004 - Century Media
Deaf To Our Prayers -2006 - Century Media
Iconoclast - 2008 - Century Media
Invictus - 2010 - Century Media
Veto - 2013 - Century Media
Wanderer – 2016 – Century Media
Of Truth And Sacrifice – 2020 – Century Media

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Patrick Schleitzer>>Mourning Ends - MAIK WEICHERT - Valve, Erode>>ALEXANDER DIETZ>>Erode


Matthias Voigt – Intestinal Ulcer, Night In Gales, Godz At War, Dew-Scented, Deadsoil, Shockgnosis, Implore, Der Weg Einer Freiheit, Negativ Null>>CHRISTIAN BASS>>Negativ Null

History & Biography
Consense was born in late 1996. A demo soon followed. The band quickly established itself as a political crossover band with much to say on a variety of topics. The band's line-up shifted - inclusive of the introduction of singer Markus - and the band recorded another demo. This demo lead to an EP called In Battle There Is No Law on Deeds Of Revolution in the autumn of 1998. The EP was followed by the introduction of second guitarist Patrick. The Germans were not to stand still and soon issued a split-relase with Fall Of Serenity on Deeds Of Revolution.

The band was then snapped up by Impression, which released the band's Asunder CD in April of 2000. Next up was a split-CD with Caliban, which meant a contract with the German hardcore label Lifeforce. This label issued 2002's Whatever It May Take. In order to support the album, Heaven Shall Burn appeared at the With Full Force festival and toured widely in Europe.

The band inked a worldwide deal with Century Media Records in 2004. The group then just completed its third full-length recording, called Antigone, which was set for a late spring release.

The band, alongside Napalm Death and The Haunted, released a charity single in 2005 helping to raise money for the victims of Southeast Asian Tsunami of 2004. To collect as much money as possible for the tsunami victims the bands and Century Media decided to offer the single to fans directly. It was strictly limited to 1,000 hand-numbered copies and were sold at two European shows. A new split-CD with Caliban was issued in the summer of 2005 through Lifeforce Records. Deaf To Our Prayers was issued in the autumn of 2006 and featured second guitarist Alexander Dietz. The pyromanics picked Bildersturm - Iconoclast II (The Visual Resistance) as the title for a 2009 DVD. It was out in May through Century Media. Heaven Shall Burn released a new album, Invictus, through Century Media Records in June of 2010 Tue Madsen engineered the record. Deadlock’s female vocalist Sabine Weniger and guitar player Sebastian Reichl were featured on the duet Given In Death. In late 2013, the band was touring Europe with Hypocrisy. Testament bassist Greg Christian has been forced to leave the band's current North American tour with Lamb Of God and Killswitch Engage for the ever-popular "personal reasons." Filling in for him was Exodus bassist Jack Gibson. Matthias Voigt departed in 2013. Heaven Shall Burn’s Of Truth And Sacrifice would be released through Century Media Records on March 20th 2020. The band was booked for the Rockstadt Fest in 2020, but the event was cancelled due to the pandemic. The band had a video for the song My Heart And The Ocean. European Tour 2023 was a late 2022 split with Trivium where the bands covered one another.


German band Heaven Shall Burn can be counted as one of the new breed of thrashcore bands doing the rounds and is reminiscent of bands like Darkest Hour and Cataract. This is not a clone band though. The band is sharp, tight and fast, but does not shy away from incorporating melody into its regimen as needed. Solos are obviously a no-no and the vocalist grates his larynx in this post At The Gates-world. The sound is crisp, although the drums get the short end of the mixing stick somehow. The band has a thing or two to say politically which is just as well given how much is wrong in this world. - Ali "The Metallian"

Whenever one comes across the name Heaven Shall Burn, one is automatically reminded of Marduk. This album’s title though is more akin to the kind of play on words Symphorce would employ. Be that as it may, on its latest album the German quintet has delivered its most metallic nod to metalcore so far. The band is tight, authentic and powerful with vocalist Marcus Bischoff meaning business and the rest of the band, guided by the production of Jacob Hansen, delivers a knockout punch full of heavy riffing and speed. Having said that, it is inevitable that the listener feels a pinch of sameness between the songs here and the rest of the bands in the genre. These screams, the melodic leads and the occasional fade-outs do not help. Nevertheless, Heaven Shall Burn has good music, interesting topics and discussions and even the odd title or two like Were the last part of Armia and the dreary The Greatest Gift Of God not on the album, Deaf To Our Prayers would have earned an even higher mark, yet as things stand this is till worth recommending and quite good. - Ali “The Metallian”


Heaven Shall Burn