Heavy Metal Bands Which Made It Without Wimping Out Or Selling Out

10 metal bands that succeeded without compromising and selling out infographic – 04.2022

Metallian listed and presented a list of metal bands that wimped out and sold out in an infographic earlier. These bands embarrassed themselves and their fans by reaching for cash and success by compromising and changing for the worse. Yet, it does not have to be that way. Metal bands can and do succeed by remaining true, strong and metallic. Here is a list of 10 bands that stuck to their guns and, by and large, did not cater to the mainstream, did not sell their souls to their management, booking agents and record companies and still experienced popularity and success. There are chinks in the armour and caveats even in these groups’ careers and we point those out here as well. The warts aside, however, here are ten metal bands that maintained their style, or even became better, and made a career out of it.

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