Heavy Metal Kids - 1974 - Atlantic
Anvil chorus - 1975 - Atlantic
Kitsch -1977 - Rak
Hit The Right Button - 2003 - Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal Kids image
S= Gary Holton>>Solo - Danny Peyronel

G= Mickey Waller - Cosmo - Barry Paul - Paola Turci>>MARCO BARUSSO>>The Price - MARCO GUARNERIO


D= Savoy Brown, Gates of Dawn>>KEITH BOYCE>>Savoy Brown, Gates Of Dawn

K= Blue Max>>Danny Peyronel>>UFO, Riff, Banzai, Tarzen - John Sinclair>>Lion, Savoy Brown, Uriah Heep, Ozzy Osbourne - Blue Max, UFO, Riff, Banzai, Tarzen>>DANNY PEYRONEL

History & Biography
It is safe to say that Heavy Metal Kids was a progressive and heavy band for its time. The act was formed in 1973 in London. The first recorded featured guitarist Waller, while number two featured Cosmo on guitar and three featured Paul. Following Heavy Metal Kids and Anvil Chorus the band split up only to reform and record Kitsch in 1977 for a new label.

Holton joined several bands and for a while had a solo effort. He also became an actor and was seen in Auf Wiedersehen, Pet and Bloody Kids. He would pass away soon of a drug overdose however. Sinclair formed Lion, but eventually settled with Ozzy Osbourne. The Argentinian-born Peyronel left HMK due to a falling out with one of the guitarists. Having befriended UFO members earlier, he joined that band mid-tour in Germany. He would later write songs for Pink Floyd and Sade and produce albums as well. Barry Paul would relocate to Los Angeles where he would run a studio. A guitarist called Jay Williams played with the band just before the dissolution.

The band reformed in 2001 with Peyronel on vocals and soon released the Hit The Right Button album. HMK would now feature two guitarists from Italy. Barry Paul had been offered his old position as a courtesy, but was uninterested in the reformation due to his profession and location. Several tours followed. The kids released a video of shows from 1974 to 2004 entitled Delirious - Classic Kids Capers in 2006.

L.A. Guns’ singer Phil Lewis joined the reformed Heavy Metal Kids in 2011 and would appear live with the group.



Heavy Metal Kids