Hung With Barbwire - 2006 - Unmatched Brutality

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History & Biography
Ohio’s Heinous Killings was the project of former Clean Flesh/Erotic Incisions singer Joseph Wolfe between 2005 and 2010. The act was on ice between 2006 and 2008. The act was supported live by diverse members like former Regurgitation/Necrotic Disgorgement guitarist Ben Deskins, former Erotic Incisions guitarist Harold Burton, bassist Phil Good (of Solidification and Necrotic Disgorgement and later of Between The Killings) and drummer D.J. France of Solidification.

A demo was issued in 2005 and followed by an album in late 2006. Necrotic Disgorgement and Heinous Killings had a split single in 2009, which was the end.


Take a look at the band’s name, album’s title, the label and there is not a hint of compromise in sight. This is brutality deluxe gone berserk and mutilating all comers left, right and centre. The album, therefore, seemed promising. Beginning an album with yet another sample is never a good idea, but that is not the main problem with the album. As much as the swift explosion of destruction and barrage of low frequency growls is appreciated at Metallian Towers tracks like Possessed To Kill, Strangled By Intestines, Skinned Alive In Acid, Severed Throat Stabs and the beautifully-titled Nailed Cranium are too alike to stand apart. As song after song unfolds it soon becomes clear that the band/man has pushed the limits of extremeness to such an extent that what riffs there are have melded into one puree of death brutal metal. Another big part of the problem is the drum machine, which completely takes away any semblance of individuality or uniqueness. A computer cannot create a feeling, least of all a feeling of violence and power.
Bottom line, Heinous Killings has its violent heart in the right place, but needs distinct songs, actual drums and a more defined riff base to make it work. - Ali “The Metallian”


Heinous Killings