Ruin – 2018 – Satanath

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History & Biography
Active since 2015, Hekata combines death metal and core elements. The band uploaded a song called Pledge in 2015. An EP called Dirge came in 2016. The band and Dampness had a split 7” to start 2017. Ruin was issued in late 2018. The band gave a virtual concert amidst the pandemic in 2020 and went dormant.


The Russian quartet is variously described as death metal and hardcore. Ruin's 25 minutes length adheres to one of those styles but the six songs within that length does not. The title track starts off heavy but without much hint of the style to follow. This soon changes with the riffing that takes over the song. R's vocals and screams and the drumming nudge the sound and feel into hardcore territory but the guitars follow a somewhat different path. Psalm is still somewhat uncertain, it may come off as a black and death metal song but it is not always either. R's vocals and indeed the band as a whole could be compared to Dave Matrise and Jungle Rot or The Crown. Savant still makes it hard to pinpoint one adjective or label on Hekata. It has speed, screams, solos and more mid-paced parts however it is not a chaotic mess in trying to incorporate too many styles. Eternal moves between fast and not so fast sections while retaining a measure of death metal. Skyforge is heavy more than it is fast. It can be described as a more standard death metal song. The closing song is called Liar and features an uncharacteristic solo early on. The solo is almost heavy metal-ish and the song itself is a more hard core and thrash mix, at least in its first half. Overall, Ruin is a solid release. – Anna Tergel