Religious Persecution - 2008 - Casket
Inquisition - 2012 - Digital Media
Insurrection – 2017 – 3ms Music

Helgrind image
G= Jim Hunt - MIKEY TAKACS - Tempashot>>SIMON ELLIS>>Tempashot
B= Paul Nelson – Megiddo>>MARK TOMKINS
D= Alex Budge - ANDY KEEL

London’s Helgrind is a bash metal band doing the rounds since 2000. The group issued three demos, Warriors Of Steel in 2000, Prophecy Of Destruction in 2002 and Denial in 2004 all the while shedding drummers. The band featured Andy Semmens of Esoteric at one stage. The group signed with Copro/Casket Music and issued the Fallen Prophet EP in 2007. Helgrind’s Inquisition was out in the summer of 2012 Digital Media Records. The band went away in 2013, but returned in 2014. One Eyed Toad Records was re-issuing Insurrection on 22.10.2021. The album was billed as the first writing collaboration between vocalist and bassist Paul Nelson and guitarist Si Ellis.

The band insists that it was formed in 2003 despite the existence of older recorded material.


Helgrind mean well, really. The band’s heads-down brand of thrashy Motörhead-meets-Slayer metal is keen, eager, serious and full of exuberance. The cover artwork and lyrics work hard to offer the whole package on this mini-CD of four songs. Speed, heaviness, real lyrics and gruff yells from hell all add up. Unfortunately, the band has a certain British malaise. When was the last time a British thrash, death or black metal group manage to displace interest for its overseas counterparts? The second-rate songs do not help the band attain a status beyond local curiosity, which incidentally is the hallmark of the most disposable of labels, Copro Records. This is the label that staved bankruptcy only just a couple of years ago! Helgrind is like Slayer; only not as good. The drummer has the habit of an automaton with his monotone beat while the guitar tone exudes little that is unique. The odd lead does help. This is the formula that got in the way of Brits like Cerebral Fix, Toranaga or Xentrix so many years ago. - Ali “The Metallian”