Helion Prime – 2017 – AFM
Terror Of The Cybernetic Space Monster – 2018 - AFM

Helion Prime image
S= Heather Michele – A Touch Of Evil, The Ottoman Empire, White Empress, Santa Marta>>MARY ZIMMER
G= Dire Peril, Brumal, Planeswalker>>JASON ASHCRAFT>>Dire Peril, Brumal, Planeswalker – Dead Revelator, Disforia>>CHAD ANDERSON>>Dead Revelator, Disforia
D= Dire Peril>>Justin Herzer>>Dire Peril, Axiom – Decomposition, Dire Peril>>ALEX BOSON>>Decomposition, Dire Peril

The band was founded in 2014 and named after a planet featured in The Chronicles Of Riddick. The band has a penchant for science fiction. The Drake Equation was a 2015 demo. The Canadian rapper was honoured. Helion Prime was a 2016 demo, which became a 2017 LP. It was on AFM Records so it received less promotion and publicity than the demo version. The band opened for Striker and Unleash The Archers on tour. USA-based power metal band Helion Prime had a 2020 fundraising campaign for its next studio recording Question Everything, which was the follow-up to Terror Of The Cybernetic Space Monster released through AFM in 2018. The band was booked April 17 to 19 2020 for Hyperspace Metal Festival before the pandemic took care of that. Helion Prime returnws with a new effort and the shorter title Question Everything set for release through its own imprint Saibot Reigns on Monday, October 5th 2020. This was the band’s first release with new vocalist Mary Zimmer, who had accompanied the band on two tours of the United States. It also saw the band's original singer, Heather Michele, returning in a writing capacity and contributing all lyrics.



Helion Prime