Hatebombs From Hell – 2016 – More Hate
Darkness Grinds Within – 2019 – More Hate

Hellbomb image
S= Shot From A Bonegun>>ANDREY KOVALEV

G= Svartby, Free At Last, Infiltration>>EVGENY KAZHENTSEV>>Free At Last, Infiltration

B= Arda, Visdommen, Scartown, You Must Murder>>DMITRY GOLYASHEV>>You Must Murder

D= Katalepsy, Perimeter, Тролль Гнёт Ель, Architype, Mesopotamia Inc., A.C.O.V.S.U.R., Infiltration, Зима, Shiningstar>>ALEXEY SEMYONOV>>A.C.O.V.S.U.R., Infiltration, Зима, Shiningstar

History & Biography
Time To Kill Records signed Russia-based crossover band Hellbomb in 2021. A record was due that year. The band was founded as a studio project in 2013 and had a 2014 demo called First Bomb From Hell. Dmitry Golyashev switched to bass from guitar. The 2015 demo Hatebombs from Hell was re-issued in 2016. Singer Baalothneekh left in 2015. Noise Worship Propaganda was a 2020 EP.