Strijdkracht - 2004 - CCP
Valkyrenvlucht - 2006 - CCP
Duisternis - 2007 - Christhunt
Fier - 2009 - Gardarika Musikk

Hellebaard image
S= Consolation, In Ruins>>ZARLACK


B= Consolation, In Ruins>>ZARLACK



History & Biography
'Hell’s Beard' is actually serious about singing of old Dutch tales. Formed in 2002, the band issued a 2003 demo called Wodan's Lof Gewijden with two songs before running through every fledgling label in Europe. The initial demo was given a release by Wandalen. The debut album was initially due to be called Wapenfeit. The Dutch pagan metal band finished its fourth album, Fier, in the summer of 2009. Gardarika Musikk would release the album in the second half of November.

A Hellebaard is an ancient weapon of war as can be seen in the band’s logo. The band’s lyrics are in Dutch.


Hellebaard is no unknown in the underground. The band’s name comes up here and there with a mention in a chat room and a review in a forum all the time. Fier was my introduction to the band though and six, seven listens later, this girl is less than impressed. The band’s reputation is probably owed more to its obscurity and image than a musical credibility.
Fier starts with a Bathory clone riff and sound, which is something that persists throughout the album. The Bathory Viking era sound is something that lives on proudly in Hellebaard to the point of annoyance. Inspiration is one thing. Cloning is definitely something else. Worse, synthesizers and even a violin are also included. At these times the band takes a sharp alternative route to the land of My Dying Bride and we all know that is not a good thing either. The band has atmosphere and meaning to spare really, but the croaking vocals, fake drum sound and very weak soloing leave little room for praise. One would figure that after so many years Volmorth could do a better job playing a guitar solo. By the way, should it not be obvious from the album name all titles and lyrics are 'proudly' in Dutch. In summary, atmosphere and image yes, music, heaviness, speed or originality oh no! - Anna Tergel