Tokyo Flying V Massacre – 2006 – Black-listed
Metal Fire From Hell – 2008 – Black-listed
Let Metal Rule The World – 2011 – Black-listed
The Oath Of Allegiance To The Kings Of Heavy Metal – 2018 – Black-listed
Warrior Of Rising Sun – 2021 – Spiritual Beast

S= Jack Hammer, Mastermind>>CROSSFIRE [NORIO SATO]>>Mastermind
B= Swordmaster – Afterzero, Mastermind, Midori Jewel’s Sorrow, Devil Within>>BLACKWIND [YOJI TANEGASHIMA]>>Afterzero, Mastermind, Midori Jewel’s Sorrow, Devil Within
D= Dragonblaster>>Doraid, Metalucifer, Barbatos, Significant Point – 666, Afterzero, Midori Jewel’s Sorrow>>MOUNTAIN KING [RYUTA YAMAZAKI]>>Afterzero, Midori Jewel’s Sorrow

Next door to Tokyo in Saitama Hellhound is an old-school speedy heavy metal band that was founded in 2002. The band issued a demo called Welcome To Metal Zone in 2004. The line-up was Crossfire on mike and guitar, Nightmare on guitar, Swordmaster on bass and drummer Dragonblaster. Black-listed Productions signed the band and issued an album called Tokyo Flying V Massacre in 2006 and more specifically 06/06/06. The album’s cover was inspired by Exciter’s debut record, Heavy Metal Maniac. Presumably, the band would conduct the massacre and flee back to Saitama. Lucifer’s Heritage, Dragonblaster’s friend, was on guitar now. The sophomore record’s cover was inspired by Accept’s Breaker. The group performed at Keep It True XI in Germany in 2008 and released the recording as a video in 2010. It was called Live In Germany – Too Loud! Too Rough! So What!? Blackwind was on bass for the third album. A hiatus ensued after Crossfire expressed disinterest in continuing. Nonetheless, the band applied to play at Wacken in Germany and was chosen! The return album featured drummer Mountain King and Dragonblaster. Warrior Of Rising Sun was on a new label and featured several re-recordings.

The main duo of Crossfire and Swordmaster started as an Exciter cover band and also likes to use the word ‘metal’ in as many lyrics and titles as possible.