Spiritual Twilight - 2005 - Black Attakk
Phantasm - 2007 - Folter
Cold - 2009 - Napalm
Trist – 2012 - Napalm

Hellsaw image

G= ARIES - Pantheon, Ekpyrosis, Valfeanor, Ashes Of Moon, Groteskh, Solo>>ISIUL [MARIO SCHEIBER]>>Valfeanor, Ashes Of Moon, Groteskh, Solo – Asmodeus, Gabriel’s Cry, Sanguis, Groteskh, Scargod>>MALTHUS [CHRISTOPH KLIER]>>Asmodeus, Groteskh, Scargod, Sanguis, Irdorath, Sakrileg, Obsidian Chamber, Voidstalker, Varulv

B= Sanguis>>ARIES>>Sanguis – Mortar, Descending Darkness, Valfeanor>>DESDEROTH>>Descending Darkness, Antim-Sanskar

D= Key Of Mythras, Sanguis, Varulv>>Svart [Otwin Graf]>>Sanguis, Varulv – Unhallowed, Nocturne>>TENEBRIS>>Unhallowed, Nocturne

History & Biography
The hate-filled Austrian black metal band Hellsaw - not to be confused with the band with the same name from Belgium - was formed in Graz in 2001. The bad issued an 8-track demo called Sins Of Might, which was put to CD by Irminsul Produktion. The group pulls in live situation members but has whittled down to Aries and Svart in the studio. Aries left Sanguis in 2005, although drummer Svart stuck with the project. Isiul, Desderoth and Malthus joined in 2008. Svart left Hellsaw in 2009. Trist appeared in February 2012 and the band decided to call it quits, but as with everyone else it returned in 2013 only to disband in 2015. A final show (before the next reformation) came in March 2015.