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Hells Belles - 1986 - Raw Power

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Belladonna, A.M., Airrace, Bronz>>PAUL QUIGLEY

Discharge>>PETER 'POOCH' PURTILL>>Discharge, Rogue Male

The Shapes, Rogue Male>>Gareth Holder

Brute Force, European Sun>>SPIV [ANTHONY SMITH]

History & Biography
Not unexpectedly this Leamington Spa band was a glam metal outfit. The band was formed by several British metal scene veterans and achieved some publicity in the UK press before and after the album. The crossover act had a single names Barricades b/w Storm Break Loose and If It Don't Make Yer Ears Bleed. The band also appeared on a compilation LP called Metal Killers Kollection.

Paul Quigley could be seen starring as the guy who gets knocked around in the lead role in Girlschool's Play Dirty video. He went on to become a journalist. Holder moved to playing session bass for different bands and relocated to the USA later on. A later unrelated band by the same name performed AC/DC covers.

A reformed line-up of the band got together as HellsBelles in 2004 and began rehearsing for an album called Rebellion and building a studio. The line-up was Paul Quigley, Pooch, Spiv and Jon Archer. Nothing happened except several singles were issued over the years until the singles’ compilation The Singles Collection of 2013. The members disappeared.



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