Lords Of War – 2020 – Metal On Metal
Dynasties Of Decay – 2021 – Metal On Metal

Hellspike image
S= Ravensire, Perpetratör, Rage And Fire>>RICK METAL RICARDO CAMPOS]>>Ravensire, Perpetratör, Rage And Fire

G= Ravensire, Leather Synn, Inquisitor>>ZELLPIKE>>Inquisitor

B= Filii Nigrantium Infernalium, Axe Murderers, Ironsword, Ravensire, Perpetratör, Els Focs Negres, Rage And Fire>>RICK METAL [RICARDO CAMPOS]>>Filii Nigrantium Infernalium, Ravensire, Perpetratör, Els Focs Negres, Rage And Fire


History & Biography
This power and speed metal band was founded in Lisbon, Portugal in 2019. Skullthrasher joined a year later. Metal On Metal Records of Italy signed the band and out came Lords Of War. Dynasties Of Decay was out in the autumn of 2021. There was a video for the song Ruthless Invasion. The act was inactive from late 2022 and for 2023.

Zellpike had jumped on the bandwagon and raved and ranted about elite domination conspiracy theories and other pandemic-related histrionics. The band told Defiance website, "Look what the mainstream media is doing with this Corona Virus hysteria… they are not informing anyone, instead, they prefer to scare the hell out of people." The band told Metal Temple, "This pandemic serves their needs."