Route 666 - 2004 - Nuclear Blast
Rock 'n' Roll Devil - 2008 - Jimmy Franks Recording Company
Death Is Coming - 2012 - Metalism

Helltrain image
Gilgamosh, Battlelust, The Moaning, The Everdawn, Decortication, Scheitan, Devil's Force>>PIERRE TÖRNKVIST>>Scheitan, Devil's Force

Gilgamosh, The Everdawn, Decortication, Scheitan, Devil's Force>>PIERRE TÖRNKVIST>>Scheitan, Devil's Force - Gilgamosh, Decortication, The Moaning, The Everdawn, Battlelust, Scheitan>>PATRIK TÖRNKVIST>>Scheitan - Soulash, Twilight, Deathbound, Gates Of Ishtar, The Duskfall>>MIKAEL SANDORF>>Gates Of Ishtar, The Duskfall

Scheitan, Devil's Force>>PIERRE TÖRNKVIST>>Scheitan, Devil's Force - Crawley, Lost Souls, Inrage, The Duskfall>>Matte Järnil - Devil's Force>>MARKUS PARKKILA

Scheitan, Sarcasm, The Everdawn, The Duskfall, Defleshed, Decortication, Gates of Ishtar>>Oskar Karlsson - The Duskfall, Gates Of Ishtar>>FREDRIK ANDERSSON>>Gates Of Ishtar


History & Biography
Helltrain has been a part-time project since 2002 with several breaks in-between. Pierre was the founder. The members shared multiple acts previously. The band was first heard through Heathendom’s 7” single The 666 EP in 2002. Surprisingly, the act and Agnostic Front came through with a promotional split release called Peace/Route 666 through Nuclear Blast in 2004. The full-length followed. Demo 2006 signalled that the band is without a label and was followed by Rock 'n' Roll Devil. Mikael Sandorf joined the fold. Drummer Oskar Karlsson died of a heart attack in 2016. The rhythm section of Markus Parkkila and Fredrik Andersson joined in 2018.

Sweden-based Helltrain was back with a new video and upload called Mischief in 2023. The band intended to record and release more material going forward, but for that time being singer Pierre Törnkvist was focused on writing a Scheitan album. Alive! in 2021 was a demo EP with several live tracks.

Patrik and Pierre are brothers.