Zemsta - 2003 - Black Plague
Medieval Scream - 2004 - Ritual Execution
In Arms Of Kurpian Phantom - 2004 - God Is Myth
Klatwa - 2005 - God Is Myth
Prelude To Dying - 2005 - Black Plague
Zmierzch - 2006 - Dark Symphonies
In The Glory Of Heroes - 2006 - Pulverised
Stos - 2006 - Seven Kingdoms
966 - 2007 - Pulverised
Neoheresy – 2008 – Pulverised
Od Południa Na Północ... – 2009 – Ritual Execution
Kry – 2009 – Pagan
Wiara, Nadzieja..., Potępienie – 2010 – Pagan
Damnaretis – 2012 - Pagan

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Blakagir, Sarkel, Winds Of Garden>>L.O.N. [LIGHT OF NIGHT] [FILIP MROWIŃSKI]>>Blakagir, Sarkel, Winds Of Garden




History & Biography
Hellveto is the project of L.O.N. (Light Of Night) and initiated in 1995. The underground heathen outfit recorded demos like Hellveto, Winterforest, Horned Sky and Autumnal Night before beginning a harsh schedule of releasing almost two albums a year through several companies, although these albums were partly recorded several years earlier. The man simultaneously operated other projects like the ambient Blakagir.

The monicker changed in 2014. The band issued a collection of unreleased material called Unreleased Tracks in 2015.


Hellveto is a subterranean one-man record releasing machine from Poland which, like Bathory at the end, specializes in sombre and atmospheric sub-classical pieces with gruff vocals. The ambience and feeling deliberately win over structure or direction, but then again Hellveto’s L.O.N. is hardly a skilled musician. How could one be when all instruments and vocals are handled by yourself? It is not helpful that the keyboards wash over everything on this album and the spoken parts sound tired, although fans of the pagan folk style that is increasingly housed in Eastern Europe and the Baltic nations should find this more than adequate. This is the band’s latest, but in true '70s fashion by the time this review is posted by The Metallian Hellveto will likely issue a couple of newer discs. - Anna Tergel

As active as ever L.O.N. is back with 966. Krucjata, the eight minute opener, starts off with an ambient passage that sounds anything but scary or evil and unlike many intros like it fails in creating any anticipation for what follows. However, the black metal does follow after two minutes, is pretty straightforward and it does include some obligatory synthesizers. The title track seems deliberately laboured and slow at times and does not go anywhere musically. Ostatnia Wola follows the same idle path set by the title track. W Blasku Gasnacej Pochodni does at least add some discernable tempo, but is never helped by the synthesizer that seems to be chasing the guitars. By the time Krzuk Stali gets along the slow tempo is fast becoming monotonous. Perunia tries its best to add some intrigue and experimentation with varied structures but doesn’t fully achieve its goal. Zgubna Nowina serves to further confirm the aforementioned. U Bram Obledu closes 966 with a bit more than one expects and may be the highlight for the interested listener. L.O.N. and his hoarse, rough vocals seems to have set upon making a black metal release but ended up creating a tired sounding 46 minute epic. - Anna Tergel