Slaves And Gods – 2018 – M-Theory
Will And The Witch – 2022 – M-Theory

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Malefistum>>ERIC DOW>>Malefistum - Shroud Of Bereavement>>Steph Robinson>>Shroud Of Bereavement

MARK DOW - David Watson – Mutilage, Arcane Asylum, Abyssmal Nocturne, Vesterian, Steelsong, October Flame>>PETE TRUAX>>Abyssmal Nocturne, Steelsong, October Flame

Mikey "Mjölnir" Muller - MICHAEL "DOC" BEAULIEU


Shroud Of Bereavement>>Steph Robinson>>Shroud Of Bereavement

History & Biography
The California-based band was formed in 2010 and had a 2012 demo called Fólkvangr. the band embarked on a North American tour as part of the Paganfest festival tour line-up which included Ensiferum, Tyr, Heidevolk and TrollfesT in 2013. A crowd-funded full-length demo called Woven followed. The band recruited guitarist Mike Pardi (Possessed/Draconis) for both live work and an upcoming recording for the follow-up to 2014's Woven, where Pardi was a guest vocalist for the track Cessation. The Healer EP of 2017 was issued through M-Theory. The group opened for I Am Morbid and Necrophagia in Europe in that year. Helsott toured the west coast of the USA with label-mates Tennger Cavalry and Felix Martin in 2017. The band returned to Europe playing the Wacken Winter Nights and Cernunnos Pagan festivals in 2019.

California, USA-based Helsótt began 2022 with a single and the title track to the forthcoming concept album Will And The Witch, which was mixed and mastered by J-F Dagenais (Kataklysm). Like its predecessor, it was being released through M-Theory Audio that spring. The band proudly proclaimed the album to be diverse and feature thrash metal, heavy metal, banjos and campfire strumming! The band had a music video for the song Independence Night, featuring guest vocals from Tim “Ripper” Owens. The song was taken from the upcoming concept album Will And The Witch, which was available through M-Theory Audio on Friday, May 20th.

Helsótt is old Norse for ‘Fatal Illness’. Mark and Eric are brothers.