Blasphēmia – 2018 - Pest

Heresy image

G= JOS RALEY - Executor, Zyanide, Carved Memories>>KEVIN VENEGAS>>Carved Memories

B= Blop DC [JOSE PABLO ROJAS] - Carved Memories>>CARLOS "THE HAMMER" CHANTO>>Carved Memories

D= Dennis Abrahams>>His Left Hand, Dekonstructor – Poltergeist>>ALAN JACKAL [ALLAN CARVAJAL]>>Poltergeist

History & Biography
Of all the bands called Heresy out there this one was founded in 2011. The name of the 2011 demo was Heretics To The Fire. A 2012 demo was called Worldwide Inquisition. Following a theme the band put together a 2015 compilation called The European Trials Tour. Axa Valaha Productions and Pest Records (a Loud Rage Music division) announced the release of an album from Costa Rica-based black metal band Heresy. Entitled Blasphēmia, the new material contained seven tracks. It was originally an independent release. Kevin Venegas had joined in 2018. Voracity was a 2021 EP through Soman Records. The band and Czech Republic-based Exorcizphobia had a split called Voracious Lunacy through the same label in 2022. Carlos "The Hammer" Chanto had joined in 2021 as had drummer Alan Jackal. The group toured Europe and played at Obscene Extreme festival in 2022. The band was ending 2022 by playing at the Thrashed To Death and Festival Nacional De Musica Extrema events. The band played several concerts and worked on a new album in 2023.