Loyal To None – 2009 – Metal Heaven
Right In The Guts – 2012 – Metal Heaven
The Devil Rides Out – 2016 - AFM
Fight The Fear – 2019 – AFM
Two For A Lie – 2021 - AFM

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History & Biography
Former Accept guitarist Herman Frank stablished his own solo act in 2008 and by 2009 had his debut album out. Former Accept drummer Stefan Schwarzmann was on the stool for the first two albums, but the act changes members as often as Germans fly to tourist traps in Spain and Portugal. He himself is in and out Victory regularly. Loyal To None was out through Metal Heaven Records on February 27th 2009. The self-produced album featured singer Jiotis Parachidis (Human Fortress and Victory), bassist Peter Pichl (Running Wild) and drummer Stefan Schwarzmann (Helloween, Udo, Accept and Krokus). The band switched to AFM for The Devil Rides Out (a horror book and film), which probably reduced the act’s profile. Accept played as a four-piece at its concert in Houston, Texas on May 7th 2011 after the band's guitarist, Herman Frank, suffered broken ribs and a punctured lung after falling off the stage in San Antonio. Guitarist guitarist Uwe Lulis replaced Frank in Accept in 2015. Frank had left to focus on Pänzer and commented that he could not contribute songs to Accept. The band had a video for the song Eye Of The Storm, which was taken from the new solo album, Two For A Lie, which was out through AFM Records in May.

Poison Sun features Frank’s wife. Herman is also a producer.



Herman Frank