Deception’s End – 2018 - Vacula
No Sun Dared Pass Our Windows – 2020 – Rude Awakening
Memorie – 2022 – Rude Awakening

Heruka image
S= Ars Macabra>>NEKROM

G= Throne Of Molok>>ADRANOR>>Throne Of Molok - MOHA

B= Legion Of Darkness, Ars Macabra>>ADRANOR>>Legion Of Darkness, Ars Macabra – Moha – Lectern>>GABRIELE CRUZ

D= Gravestone, Lectern, Ars Macabra, Blood Legion>>NEMURI SHI [FABIO MOCIATTI]>>Ars Macabra, Blood Legion

History & Biography
The band was founded in 2000 and classified itself as “symphonic.” Adranor was the sole member. Doxa Epicurea was a 2001 demo. Leggenda was a 2005 demo. The band took a pisolino and came back in 2016. Moha was initially on guitar. Turning To Dust was a 2019 EP whose lyrics were adopted from French poet Baudelaire. Rude Awakening Records has issued an album by Heruka called No Sun Dared Pass Our Windows.

Rude Awakening Records released a video by the band called Dust From The Deception Sun – A Live Selection From Three Years Of Black Metal in late 2021. It featured the band’s studio material and a live recording. This footage Would see the light as a limited edition of 50 Blu-ray and 50 DVD copies.

Two years following the release of No Sun Dared Pass Our Windows, the Italy-based black metal band worked with Rude Awakening Records and released its third full-length Memorie. The record would be sung in Italian entirely once again. Moha had moved to guitar and Cruz was in.