God Has No Name – 2019 – Transcending Obscurity

Hex image
S= Septycemia, Forensick, Quaoar, Virulency, Tomb, Septycemia>>JONATHAN [JONATHAN PERNÍA GARCÍA]>>Virulency, Tomb, Septycemia

G= JON – Beer Mosh, From The Cross, Waldheim, Left Hand Riders, In Thousand Lakes, Vhäldemar>>ADOLFO WB [ADOLFO CANTOYA]>>Vhäldemar

B= Endika – Denial>>M. AKERBURU>>Denial

D= Incursed>>Asier Amo>>Incursed – Denial, Shallow Waters>>ROBER GARCIA>>Shallow Waters

History & Biography
This extreme black/doom metal band was founded in Spain in 2012 and issued a demo called Deadly Sin two years later. The Let There Be Darkness demo followed in 2017. Transcending Obscurity Records of India signed the band and out came God Has No Name.The group announced the arrival of new drummer Rober at the end of the year.

The next release was the Behold The Unlighted EP of 2022. Bassist M. Akerburu had joined in 2021. The issuing label was Vertebrae from Spain. The band was booked at Iberian Warrior and Iberian Southern Warrior festivals in the spring of 2022. The band was touring Iberia with Master and Eternal Storm.


This three-song 20 minutes’ long EP starts off with a Classical piano segment that kicks off As Darkness Descend Upon You. At over seven minutes the song moves slowly in the style of doomy death metal songs of the 90s. The sound and riffing convey some Bolt Thrower. The influence of the English band on the quintet is clear. The growling is accompanied by a few screamed verses that add a more doom-like feel to the song. The shorter Impending Doom Towards Darkness immediately confirms the Bolt Thrower inspiration. The pace and tone of the riffs take a small step towards Obituary as well but overall this is darker and deeper. The third and longest song is ...and Thus Spoke Darkness ups the tempo somewhat for around two minutes but then takes a step into slower or progressive sounds before reverting back to the same sound. Later in the song the band again step back and create haunting sounds with a bit of acoustic guitars thrown in. The band has produced a music video for this latter song. A self-proclaimed doom death sound is executed well on Behold The Unlighted, head to the darkness at https://hexandhell.bandcamp.com/ - Anna Tergel