Spirit Of The Stone – 2017 - CDN
Heathenheart – 2021 - CDN

Hexenklad image
S= Eclipse Eternal, Virtigo, Astral Possession>>TIMOTHY JOHNSTON

G= Heaven Ablaze, Battlesoul, Sig: Ar: Tyr, Solace Of The Void>>Michael Grund, Sig: Ar: Tyr, Solace Of The Void – Pagan Ritual, Solace Of The Void>>JOHN CHALMERS>>Solace Of The Void – STEVE BOWEN

B= Pagan Ritual, Astral Possession, Fallen Legion>>JON KAL>>Fallen Legion

D= Pagan Ritual, Astral Possession>>ANDREW CHALMERS

K= Bleak Destiny, Eclipse Eternal, Operus>>Clare B.

History & Biography
The band got together in Bancroft near Toronto in 2014. Sterling Dale was on vocals. The members played in Pagan Ritual and Astral Possession. A debut album was issued in 2017. Sterling Dale was the session drummer. The band appeared at Kaleidoscope Gathering, which was a pagan fair, and was booked for the Postmortem Equinox festival in Montreal in 2017. Grund, who was the co-founder with Dale, left in 2020. Hexenklad (featuring members of Sig:Ar:Tyr, Eclipse Eternal, Pagan Ritual, et cetra) had an album called Heathenheart through CDN Records on July 23rd 2021. The band claimed to mix death metal and folk music and showed poppy and metallic influences.

John is Andrew’s father.