Paradox>>HEXX - USA

No Escape - 1985 - Shrapnel
Under The Spell - 1986 - Shrapnel
Morbid Reality - 1991 - Century Media
Wrath Of The Reaper – 2017 – High Roller
Entangled In Sin – 2020 - High Roller

Hexx image
Dennis Manzo - Dan Bryant>>Cacophony, Hell ‘N’ Back, The Road Vikings - Clint Bower>>Autopsy, Abscess, The Ravenous – Rage Of War>>EDDY VEGA>>Rage Of War

The Tombstones>>DAN WATSON>>The Tombstones - Clint Bower>>Autopsy, Abscess, The Ravenous – Prisoner, Brocas Helm>>BOBBIE WRIGHT>>Brocas Helm

The Tombstones>>Bill Peterson>>The Tombstones – Mike Horn – Dominion, Kut-Pile, Envirusment>>DON WOOD>>Envirusment, Kut-Pile

Dave Schmidt - John Shafer>>Funeral, Dogface, Skinlab, Drone Slag - Funeral, Dogface, Skinlab, Drone Slag>>JOHN SHAFER

History & Biography
Paradox was formed in the San Francisco in the late '70s. The band changed its name to Hexx in 1983 and signed to Shrapnel Records the year after. The band recorded an album and was on ice for a while, but was soon back with Bower in tow. The addition of Bower encouraged the act to get heavier and more aggressive. Drummer Schmidt would leave after Under The Spell.

MFN issued an EP in 1989 called Quest For Sanity b/w a band interview, but the band's progress had stalled despite the publicity campaign for the EP. Next came a single called Watery Graves. Come the '90s, the band signed with Century Media and issued the Morbid Reality album. Alas, the band's thrash metal was of limited appeal at this time and the band called it a day following poor sales numbers of its third album. Moreover, a couple of members were sick of playing fast music. Metal Church guitarist John Marshall was the producer for Morbid Reality. Bower soon joined Autopsy, which became Abscess.

Hexx was recast and booked to play at the Keep It True Festival, on April 25th to 26th, 2014 at Tauberfrankenhalle in Lauda-Königshofen, Germany. The band was Dennis Manzo (vocals), Dan Watson (guitar), Bill Peterson (bass) and Gary Gutfield (drums). Manzo left in 2014. Bill Peterson died in 2019. He too had left in 2014.