Defying The Rules - 2004 - Remedy
The Skull Collectors – 2008 - Remedy
Blind Ride – 2011 - King
Blinded By Tokyo - Live In Japan – 2012 – Nexus
Silent Revenge – 2013 – Voice
Defying the Rules: 10th Anniversary – 2014 - King
Hibria – 2015 - Test Your Metal
Moving Ground – 2018 - King

G= ABEL CAMARGO - Diego Kasper – Scelerata, Fighterlord, Magician>>Renato Osório>>Fighterlord, Magician
B= Marco Panichi - Cristian Rigon, Darkest Seed, Anaxes, Exit 11>>BENHUR LIMA>>Darkest Seed, Anaxes, Exit 11
D= Savio Sordi – Fighterlord, Distraught>>EDUARDO BALDO>>Fighterlord, Distraught

These Brazilian metal fans from Porto Alegre formed their own band in 1994 and issued the Metal Heart demo the year after. Another demo (featuring old and new songs) called Against The Faceless was issued in 1999. This demo was promoted through a series of European shows! The band issued an EP called, Steel Lord On Wheels, shortly thereafter in 2001. The band signed to Germany's Remedy Records and issued Defying The Rules. The full-length was recorded in Brazil and Argentina and mixed and mastered by Piet Sielck in Germany. The album was issued in North America through Magick Records.

Hibria picked Blind Ride as the title for its third album, which was due on January 26th, 2011 through King Records in Japan. Test Your Metal Records, a new Canadian label out of Vancouver signed Brazilian power metal band Hibria for its self-titled release, which was out on August 7th of 2015. The band later had to cancel its USA/Canada tour due to visa issues. The act announced a twentieth anniversary North American tour, which would kick off in Vancouver, Canada on August 10th 2016 and wrap up in New York City, USA on August 28th. Instead, the band again postponed its US dates for their 20th anniversary North American tour due to visa issues. The XX EP was out in 2016. The Brazil-based Brazilian power metal band Hibria recruited guitarist Guga Munhoz as its newest member in 2018. He replaced guitar player Renato Osorio.


A sticker on the cover of Defying The Rules proclaims Hibria as "one of the most talked about newcomers on the international Power Metal scene!" We all know businesses never lie. There are rules regarding truth in advertising in place in most civilized countries so it must have just been me who had never heard of the band.
Hibria is a very good band when it sticks to pure heavy and speed metal. The band starts well, has a good sound, good heavy metal art, very good singer and incredible bass, delicious lead guitars and mixes heavy metal with speed metal and, towards the end of the album, progressive metal. It is the latter cameo that hurts the quintet. Too bad; otherwise the band would have been incredible. As is, Hibria has an impressive album for its debut with influences from Iron Maiden, Iced Earth, Sonata Arctica, Edguy, Stratovarius and Hammerfall. Song after song delivers great metal guitar solos which end up being the band's highlights. A couple of songs like The Faceless In Charge either get silly or like Stare At Yourself deliberately take the progressive path, but the disc remains impressive nevertheless. - Anna Tergel