Obeisance Rising - 2012 - Unique Leader
Cobra Verde - 2014 - Unique Leader
Adveniens – 2017 – Unique Leader

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S= The Last Winter, Chthonian Nemeton>>ENRICO "H." DI LORENZO

G= Fabio Bartoletti>>Deceptionist - Hour Of Penance>>ENRICO SCHETTINO>>Hour Of Penance – Catacomb, Novembre, Ghouls, Deceptionist>>Antonio Poletti>>Deceptionist – Blaskhyrt>>RICCARDO BENEDINI>>Blaskhyrt

B= Flavio Marun Cardozo>>Dreamless – Ghouls, Aborted>>STEFANO FRANCESCHINI>>Ghouls, Aborted

D= Ebola, Whiskey & Funeral>>Maurizio "Mizio" Montagna>>Whiskey & Funeral, Ebola, Buffalo Grillz, Xenofaction - In Case Of Carnage, Ade, Germanotta Youth, Onryo, Kenòs, Mass Infection, Bethledeign>>GIULIO GALATI>>Ade, Germanotta Youth, Onryo, Kenòs, Mass Infection, Bethledeign

History & Biography
Italian death metal band Hideous Divinity, which featured members of Hour Of Penance, was releasing Cobra Verde, its second full-length through Unique Leader in October of 2014. The band’s rhythm section and guitarist Antonio Poletti were seeing their first album appearance for the band on this record. Although comprised of Italians the group was founded in Norway. Carlos Mastantuono and Enrico Schettino founded the band after the latter and former Hour Of Penance man migrated to Norway from Italy in 2006. A demo in 2007 was called Sinful Star Necrolatry. When Schettino moved back to Italy in 2009 and re-joined his old band he also later reactivated Hideous Divinity locally. Giovanni Tomassucci joined in 2015. Cannibal Corpse was in Europe in April of 2016 with support from Krisiun and Hideous Divinity.

Hideous Divinity’s latest EP LV-426 was available as a 10″ vinyl in late 2021. Licensed by Century Media and limited to 150 ‘acid blood’ coloured copies and 350 regular black copies, the EP was conceptually a sub-narrative of the second Alien movie, which was directed by James Cameron. Hypocrisy was to embark on the Worship tour of Canada and the USA with Carach Angren, The Agonist and Hideous Divinity this April and May 2022.



Hideous Divinity