Heir Of Power - 1998 - Northwind
When The Aurora Falls- 2000 - Northwind
Beneath Of Eternity - 2002 - Northwind
Medusa's Coil - 2004 - Arise
Instant Madness - 2006 - Sound Holic
The Death Of The Artists - 2009 – Scarlet
The Warning After – 2013 – Punishment 18
Hic Sunt Leones – 2016 - Massacre

S= Vasce [Lorenzo Milano]>>Ecliptica - Desdemona, Famous-X>>ANDREA MARCHISIO>>Famous-X
G= Famous-X>>Stefano Droetto>>Famous-X – Soul Mask, Wolfsinger>>MARCO MALACARNE>>Wolfsinger
B= Diego De Vita – Dying Awkward Angel, Housebreakers>>Daniele Veronese>>HBM – Sound Storm>>MASSIMILIANO FLAK>>Sound Storm
D= Warloud, Housebreakers, Amethista, Dying Awkward Angel>>LUCA ‘T-1000’ PELLEGRINO>>Housebreakers, Amethista, Dying Awkward Angel
K= Trilogy, Amethista, Bad Medicine, Hatebreeder>>Alex Muscio>>Hatebreeder, Overmaster, Sound Storm, 1987, Opera IX, White Skull – Vurtula, Amethista, Sound Storm, Black Corsair, Emanuele Bodo>>DAVIDE CRISTOFOLI>>Black Corsair, Emanuele Bodo

Highlord was Avatar upon birth in 1997 in Torino. Droetto and Muscio would add singer Roberto Messina (of Secret Sphere), drummer Fabio Savello and bassist Enrico Grande to the fold, but De Vita would replace Grande before a self-titled demo was recorded. The band signed to Italy's Underground Symphony and recruited singer Vasce for its debut. A dispute meant the band would switch labels for Heir Of Power. Shows with, among others, Secret Sphere followed.

Vasce would leave following When The Aurora Falls and would be replaced by Marchisio. Medusa's Coil would be the band's first through Spain's Arise Records. The 2006 album was issued through Mystic Silence Records for America. Two members formed the Famous-X project in 2005. A new album was planned for 2009 and was in negotiations with Northwind Records. Italy’s Highlord release a new album, The Death Of The Artists, in October of 2009 through Scarlet Records.

The group switched to demo mode and issued The Time Of The Avatar with four songs in 2011. This was, in fact, the Avatar demo material. Bassist Daniele Veronese joined the band for two years in 2011. Hic Sunt Leones (‘Here Are Lions’ in Latin) was the first album on Massacre and featured bassist Massimilano Flak and guitarist Marco Malacarne. The title was likely inspired by the Red Rising books.


Medusa's Coil (check out the album's cover and you will know!) is the Italians fourth album and a mature release full of complex hard rock and mature lyrics. The sound is very good. The singer conspicuously reminds me of the singer for another Italian band, namely Sigma. Sadly the boys have keyboards in the sound which makes things wimpy, but the guys are so good-looking that it makes it difficult for a girl to be mad. Most of the band has impressive long hair. That is the true look for a metal band. Even the keyboardist looks cool. If you like heavy metal, progressive parts, softer melodies, female backing vocals and bands like Sigma, Stratovarius and Heavenly then get wrapped in Medusa's Coil. - Sheila Wes Det