High Power - 1983 - Devil's
Les Violons De Satan - 1986 - Sydney
Live 84/87 - 1999 - Brennus

High Power image
G= Eric Pouey - Thierry Sorondo>>Red Road Crossing - Alain Pavon
B= JEAN-MICHEL DIETSCH>>Fine, Rosebud, E-Breed
D= Georges Moreau>>Jojo – Mort-Fine>>STEPHANE DESPLAT>>Silver Sword

High Power was formed in Bordeaux by Thierry Sorondo in 1978. Malbos, who joined in 1979, was on drums to begin. The band with the cool name was influened by the likes of Van Halen and Scorpions and quickly set out to play live. Bassist Francois Gauthier came and went. High Power opened for Saxon in 1981 and later did the same for Scorpions. The band had French lyrics and played metal that could be described as typically French at the time. The group toured with Warning and appeared at the Breaking Sound Festival. Les Violons De Satan was delayed due to a lack of finances at the time and a disagreement within the band regarding the record’s mix. This album was recorded with Dieter Dierks in Germany. The end came in 1987 when the guitarists departed.

Brennus Records exhumed a live recording of the band and oversaw its release in 1999. Dietsch, who was a sound engineer now, had mastered it. The label had re-released the band’s debut. Malbos committed suicide in 1991. Moreau also died in 2005.



High Power