Legends Of Evil And Eternal Death - 1998 - Drakkar

Hirilorn image
S= Deathspell Omega>>SHAXUL [FRÉDÉRIC SESCHEBOEUF]>>Deathspell Omega, Arphaxar, Manzer, Annthennath, Contamination, Ayyur, Solo

G= Deathspell Omega>>HASJARL [CHRISTIAN BOUCHÉ]>>Deathspell Omega - SINN


D= Deathspell Omega>>YOHANN [YOHANN PASQUIER]>>Deathspell Omega, Mutilhate

History & Biography
Hirilorn was a Poitiers-based French black metal act that was formed in 1994. The band issued a demo called A Hymn To The Ancient Souls in 1997, which later became a split-CD with Nasav. Drakkar Productions of France signed the band and soon issued a split CD of the band with Merrimack. The band's only full-length followed soon after. A limited edition EP called Depopulate (Prelude To Apocalypse) through End All Life was next and seemingly on cue the band geared back its activities. The legion had fallen, but for another split release with Colombia-based Manitú in 2003.

Several band members had established Deathspell Omega as a side-project, which became their main band now. That band’s very first release was also distributed by Drakkar Productions. 2017 brought the Litanies Of Annihilation compilation through Wolfspell Records, which also contained unreleased material.

A couple of the band's members issued the Nihilis Magis zine. It was claimed that the band broke up because two members deigned to participate in a hardcore project. Oddly, one of the offenders, namely drummer Yohann, was in Deathspell Omega with the offended.

Hirilorn was an ancient and expansive tree in JRR Tolkien’s Silmarillion book. Hasjarl ran End Of All Life Productions. Shaxul ran Legion Of Death Records.