Misanthropy – 2013 – Lacerated Enemy
The Harrier – 2019 – M-Theory Audio
The Way Out Of Hell - 2022 - Distortion

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S= Raven Dust>>Davide Cazzaniga>>Raven Dust – Stained Blood, Horns Of Resistance, Implore>>Gabriel Dubko>>Implore, ClearXcut, Wormrot, The Ocean Collective - Helion>>MAX CIRELI>>Helion

G= The End Of Six Thousand Years, Stigma>>GIACOMO "JACK" POLI>>Stigma - Integral, Helion, Mechanical God Creation>>MAX CIRELI>>Helion, Mechanical God Creation

B= Tasters>>CARLO CREMASCOLI>>Tasters

D= The End Of Six Thousand Years, Broken Heart College, Hour Of Penance, Vital Remains, Kataklysm>>JAMES PAYNE>>Hour Of Penance, Vital Remains, Kataklysm

History & Biography
The band was founded in 2006. It wasn’t another five years before Show No Mercy Records issued an EP called The Carved Flesh Message. Hour Of Penance announced the addition of drummer James Payne to its line-up in June of 2012. Payne joined Vital Remains beginning 2014 for two years. Dubko had joined in 2014. Hiss From The Moat, which was founded by acclaimed drummer James Payne (Vital Remains and Hour Of Penance), signed with M-Theory Audio in 2018. An album was expected in 2019. Hiss From The Moat – founded by drummer James Payne (Vital Remains, Hour Of Penance) – released The Harrier album through M-Theory Audio in February. The Way Out Of Hell arrived on a new label in 2022. The band had a video for the title track and was not awfully active in 2023.



Hiss From The Moat