First Strike With The Devil – 2014 – No Remorse
State Of Shock – 2016 – No Remorse
Twist Of Fate – 2018 – High Roller
Triumph & Tragedy – 2021 – High Roller
While Passion Lasts - 2023 - High Roller

Hitten image
S= Storm, Lazer>>Aitor Navarro>>Storm, Lazer – Walpurgis Night, Malakhor, Endovein, Cobra Spell, Jack Starr's Burning Starr>>ALEXX PANZA>>Malakhor, Cobra Spell, Jack Starr's Burning Starr

G= Iron Curtain, Argi>>DANI [DANIEL MESEGUER]>>Iron Curtain, Argi - Dani Argilés>>Argi - Raging Fire, Doble Esfera>>JOHNNY LORCA>>Doble Esfera


D= Rhyno [Renoir Diez Rivero] - John Sinhx - WILLY MEDINA

History & Biography
These hard and heavy Spaniards came together courtesy of Meseguer in 2011 and issued the Darkness Queen Promo demo with one track. A 2012 demo was named Shake The World. No Remorse Records brought the band on and an LP called First Strike With The Devil was issued in the spring of 2014. Guitarist Johnny Lorca and bassist Satan joined for album number two. But wait! Satan was Mr. C! The group toured Japan.

The band recorded a new album in 2017 and issued it in 2018. The group was with High Roller now. Alexx Panza was singing while John Sinhx was drumming. Panza became the singer for Jack Starr's Burning Starr in 2019. Willy Medina became the drummer in 2021.