Hittman - 1988 - SPV
Vivas Machina - 1992 - SPV

Hittman image
S= Anthrax, Solo>>DIRK KENNEDY>>Solo


B= Attila>>Michael Buccell

D= Takashi>>Chuck Kory - Mark Jenkins

History & Biography
Out to shoot and kill, Hittman was formed in New York in 1984. It was rumoured that singer Kennedy was actually a member of Anthrax once, although Hittman was more of a straightforward US metal band. In fact, Kennedy had merely jammed with Anthrax on a couple of occasions. The band issued a well-known and self-titled demo in 1985. The band began playing shows and underwent a couple of line-up changes before finding a deal through Germany's Steamhammer which after signing bands like Griffin was looking for its next American signing. Mark Jenkins would replace Kory on drums for the more progressive second album.

It was announced that the act had reformed and was recording in 2001. Nothing transpired. At one point there were rumours of a third album for 2002 or 2003. Instead Kennedy put together a home studio and recorded a solo album for 2004. A reunited Hittman was to play at Germany’s Keep It True XII in 2009. The band was in its original line-up. In January, the band was forced to cancel its planned show at the Keep It True XII festival due to an unexpected family tragedy. The Dutch hard rock band Picture was drafted as a replacement. Hittman reappeared in 2017. The band played its first concert in years at Blackthorn 51 in Elmhurst, New York on April 24th 2018.