Valkyrian>>HOLLOW - SWEDEN

Modern Cathedral - 1998 - Nuclear Blast
Architect Of The Mind - 1999 - Nuclear Blast
Between Eternities Of Darkness – 2018 - Rockshots
Tower – 2021 - Rockshots

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Auberon, Binary Creed, Stygian Fair>>ANDREAS STOLTZ>>Auberon, Binary Creed, Stygian Fair

Meshuggah>>Marcus Bigren>>Meshuggah

Thomas Nilsson

Urban Wikström

History & Biography
Hollow was likely founded as Valkyrian in 1990, recorded one demo and issued an EP under the new monicker in 1995. The band had come together after Nilsson and Stoltz met one another at high school and later suffered military service together. The techno-metal band's Meshuggah connections afforded the band a contract with Nuclear Blast Records. The band was dropped by Nuclear Blast, although the band had expressed dissatisfaction with a lack of royalties as well.

The singer would later contribute backing vocals to Nocturnal Rites. The group had disbanded in 1999, but came back in 2018. The band lead by Andreas Stoltz (Binary Creed) had signed with Rockshots Records for the release of its upcoming album, Between Eternities Of Darkness. Sweden-based Hollow had an album called Tower through Rockshots Records in late November. The title and the title track spoke to a character growing up in isolation in a tower with the only contact being limited to a teacher.