Hollow Haze - 2006 - My Graveyard Productions


S= Cydonia>>DAN KEYING>>Cydonia
G= Broken Arrow, White Skull>>NICK SAVIO>>Broken Arrow
D= Hypnotheticall, Black Hole>>PAOLO VERONESE>>Black Hole


Hollow Haze is a Vicenza-based heavy metal band formed in 2003 by two experienced musicians. The group recruited a singer and a bassist and soon signed to My Graveyard Productions. Keyboardist Simon Scar was added following the recording of the debut. The band began work on a new album in early 2007.


Hollow Haze is a young band on a young label, but the members have enough experience and history elsewhere to explain the gifted compositions and relatively considered musicianship.
Hollow Haze is a heavy metal band with the most obvious comparisons being Savatage and Chris Caffery’s own band. Hints of progressive metal and a whiff of keyboard are also heard, whilst the band focuses on the basic elements of the trade. The vocals of Dan Keying are funneled through several channels. The music is relatively complex and partly technical. Hollow Haze is not the type of band that would rely on catchy grooves.
On the individual song front, Deceit For All (a pretty neat title possibly inspired by the American political scene) is, on certain parts, pure hard rock in all its glory. It is alternatively loud and rocking and more somber and slow elsewhere. Near The End is situated just before the very last song and seems to begin with a backward loop. The Zakk Wylde-like guitar screeches the band likes are also heard here. This particular song just might feature the album’s best guitar and vocal performances.
As mentioned, Hollow Haze is an above average option in the sea of albums, although seeing how the band has just added a full-time keyboardist might simultaneously be the last Hollow Haze record worth owning. In addition, a completely boring and bland cover makes the album a lesser value than would otherwise be the case. Finally, a promised and apparently included video for the song Breathless ended up not actually being on the disc. Retail versions might differ. - Ali “The Metallian”


Hollow Haze