Hellhouse - 1988 - Powerstation

Holosade image
S= Darkheart, Rebel>>PHIL DE SADE
G= Phantom>>Jack Hammer [Simon Jones]>>Sabbat, Return To The Sabbat
B= Mac>>Acid Reign
D= Damien Lee [Michael Lee]>>Little Angels, The Cult, Page & Plant, Thin Lizzy, The Quireboys

Holosade was one of the several band that participated in the emergence of thrash metal in the UK. The band hailed from north of England and issued a demo called Vendetta. The act was also heard on Ebony Records' The Metal Collection LP.
A more professional demo called Psycho was issued later. The band signed with the fledgling Powerstation and opted to tour with Demon. The album had some traction with the UK press, but the act soon imploded leaving only De Sade standing.
The members scattered until 1993 when a reformation was attempted. The recorded tracks never saw the light of day.