Судный день – 2003 – Metalism
Сумерки богов – 2003 – Metalism
Обитель ветров – 2004 – Metalism
Полуночный гром – 2004 – Metalism
Волки Одина – 2005 – Metalism
Восход чёрной луны – 2006 – Metalism
Лабиринт иллюзий – 2007 – Metalism
Железный рассудок – 2009 – Metalism
Zerstörer -2012 - Pitch Black
Dragon Inferno – 2014 - Pitch Black
Civilizator – 2016 - Pitch Black
Unholy And Saints – 2019 – Pitch Black
Jörmungandr - The Serpent Of The World - 2022 - Pitch Black

Holy Dragons image
Holger Komarov [Oleg Komarov] - Ian Breeg - CHRIS CAINE


Jurgen Thunderson [Jurgen Sanderson] - IVAN MANCHENKO

Jurgen Thunderson [Jurgen Sanderson] - Anton Repalo - Allons>>ZABIR SHAMSUTINOV

History & Biography
The Kazakhstan-based heavy and power metal band was formed in 1992 as Axcess. The new monicker was adopted in 1995, although by this time the band had issued several demos. The new monicker’s first release was a demo in 1996 called Halloween Night. The 1997 demo was called Dragon Steel and was a full-length. Anders Kaban was on vocals. He would remain for two years. Tatyana Gliuk replaced him before quickly being replaced by Tron. Dragon Steel was later redone with Daniel Tron on vocals. Dragon's Ballads followed a year later. Knights Of Camelot was next. The dragon-themed and fantasy-oriented self-releases followed with the likes of 1999’s House Of The Winds and 2000’s Thunder In The Night.

By 2003 the band had switched to Russian and signed with a proper label. The second 2003 release Сумерки богов was based on Goetterdaemmerung. Обитель ветров was a rerecording of 1999’s House Of The Winds. Полуночный гром was the rerecording of Thunder In The Night. 2010’s Zerstörer - The Chapters of the III World War History Ghost Part One was a digital-only independent release after a period of collaboration with Metalism. Anton Repalo was on drums since 2006. Runaway 12 followed a similar pattern in the same year. Ivan Manchenko joined in 2012. The band signed with the Cypriot Pitch Black and issued 2012’s Zerstörer. Obviously, this was not an album of new material. The dragons were back in 2014. The cover artwork for this album was comical.

Kazakhstan’s Holy Dragons returned with its next album in the spring of 2016, two years after the last offering Dragon Inferno. Civilizator would be out on April 15th through Pitch Black Records. Holy Dragons had a new album called Unholy And Saints in 2019. The Kazakhstan-based band had a song called The Elf, which was a tribute to Ronnie James Dio. Jörmungandr - The Serpent Of The World was issued in the summer of 2022. Chris Caine was also on vocals. Zabir Shamsutdinov was on drums. The band uploaded a couple of songs in 2023.

After reverting to the English language the band created a side-project called H-Dragons, which released music with Russian lyrics.



Holy Dragons