Holy Mother>>N.O.W.>>HOLY MOTHER - USA

Holy Mother - 1995 - Victor
Toxic Rain - 1998 - ABS
Criminal Afterlife - 1999 - Crazy Life
My World War - 2000 - ABS
Agoraphobia - 2003 - SPV
Face This Burn - 2021 - Massacre
Rise - 2024 - Massacre

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Last Lix, Burning Starr, Strider, Messiah's Kiss, Riot V, Big Hair Daze>>MIKE TIRELLI>>Messiah's Kiss, Riot V, Big Hair Daze

MIKE TIRELLI - Rich Naso - Jim Bivano - Dee Snider>>Spike Francis>>Dee Snider, Spike's Guitar Camp - Turrigenous>>Greg Giordano>>Turrigenous - Solo>>MICKEY LYXX [MICHAEL LUSSOS]>>Solo

Morning Thunder, Mountain, Solo, CPR, Yngwie Malmsteen, ARK, Steve Vai>>Randy Coven>>ARK, Solo, Vitalij Kuprij, Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, Riot V, MCM, Red Lamb, Shadow Eden - Hallows Mist, Sinner's Prayer, Reverence, Dee Snider>>Russell Pzutto>>Sinner's Prayer, Reverence, Dee Snider - Godsend, Sabbat, Messiah's Kiss, Brazen Abbot, Repression, Persian Risk, Soldierfield, Heartland, Deezl>>WAYNE BANKS>>Messiah's Kiss, Repression, Persian Risk, Heartland, Deezl

Dirty Looks, Rumbledog>>Jim Harris - Gothic Knights, Sickness, Virgin Steele, Riot>>Frank Gilchriest>>Riot , Riot V, Gothic Knights, Liege Lord, Feanor - Dirty Looks, Rumbledog>>JIM HARRIS

History & Biography
Holy Mother is a heavy metal band from New York City featuring several veteran and accomplished musicians who are constantly in demand as session players. The band was formed in 1994, but has roots going all the way back to the '70s. Bassist Randy Coven, for instance, divided his time between Holy Mother and recording and playing with others like Yngwie Malmsteen and a solo outfit. He eventually joined Yngwie Malmsteen's band, but remained available to Holy Mother as well. The band has been compared to Judas Priest and even covers its idol's songs.

Holy Mother, strangely enough, released an 'industrial' album using the monicker NOW (Not Our World) in 1996, but was soon back as Holy Mother again!

The band has a much bigger profile in Germany than in its home country and even played at the Wacken Festival in 1998, alongside Savatage and Blind Guardian, where the band showered the audience with Holy Mother buttons. Not surprisingly for such an active group of musicians the line-up is constantly evolving with singer Tirelli still standing. Long-time drummer Jim Harris left the act in mid-2000. He was replaced by John Macaluso known for his work with Yngwie Malmsteen. The 2002 compilation Dealin' With The Devil through Rusty Diamond did not feature a holy mother on the cover. Herman Frank of Victory guested on Agoraphobia.

Ex-guitarist Spike Francis once roomed with former Dream Theater singer Charlie Dominici. Tirelli eventually seemed to make Messiah's Kiss his main band. Messiah's Kiss also played at Wacken.

The act disbanded in 2004, but predictably returned. Tirelli was diagnosed with stomach cancer in 2008, but was not down for the count. Randy Coven died of a heart attack in 2014. The reformation happened in 2020. Face This Burn was released in 2021. Greg Giordano was on guitar. Russell Pzutto was on bass. A returning James Harris was on drums. Only Mike Tirelli represented the old line-up. That line-up didn't last either. Guitarist Mickey Lyxx and bassist Wayne Banks (Messiah's Kiss) were the latest musicians. Massacre Records announced the Rise album for June 2024. Tirelli's daughter Violet's voice was dubbed into a song.



Holy Mother