Dead Black Sun – 2004 - Eclipse
US – 2012 - Buil2Kill
Effect Lucifero – 2018 - The Goatmancer

Homicide Hagridden image
S= Black Propaganda>>MASSIMO MODA>>Black Propaganda

G= Thee Maldoror Kollective>>MASSIMO MODA>>Thee Maldoror Kollective - Black Propaganda>>Ian Binetti>>Black Propaganda - Maldoror>>Stefano G. [Ahathoor Zamradiel] - Daniele Bidoggia – Dismal, Fil Di Ferro>>ALESSANDRO VERANDO – Kraanston, Emblema>>FABIO INSALACO>>Kraanston

B= Warloud>>Davide Rou Roch>>Warloud – Yikon>>VALERIO POSSETTO

D= Kraanston>>STEFANO MODA>>Kraanston

History & Biography
Thrash metal band Homicide Hagridden’s Effect Lucifero was out through The Goatmancer Records on November 23rd. It was initially a 2016 demo. The band was based in Italy and founded by drummer Stefano Moda and vocalist/guitarist Massimo Moda in 1994. The band spent the ‘90s and up to 2001 issuing demos called Sequence Of Death, Behind The Lines, Where Angels Work and Dead Black Sun. The last title was also the name for the band’s debut album. A 2007 demo lead to the sophomore record.

The band has opened for Kreator, Samael, Vader and Behemoth among others.



Homicide Hagridden