Satanic Armageddon – 2006 – Ketzer
Regni Diaboli – 2012 - Goathorned
Defanatus (Diabolus Adventus) – 2014 - Ketzer
Rex Exterminii (The Hand Of The Opposer) - 2020 - Ketzer

S= Inoculation, Satanizer>>Blast-phemer>>Inoculation, Satanizer, Betray The Kidnapper, Stnzr Cult – The Arsenicum Potestas>>DEMONGOAT [EDWAIN MORALES]>>The Arsenicum Potestas
G= Inoculation, Daemoni, Satanizer, The Arsenicum Potestas>>DEMONGOAT [EDWAIN MORALES]>>Inoculation, Daemoni, Satanizer, The Arsenicum Potestas – Diabolium>>Stnzr Cult, Molecular Decay – Dev Spectrum – BSK [Diego Mojica]>>Hellblood, Divine Profanity, Bloodhymns – Venator Infernalis>>InfernAK-47 [Ricardo Rojas]>>Venator Infernalis – Nosferatu, Daemoni, Inoculation>>FERAT [GERMAN ARIAS]>>Nosferatu, Daemoni, Inoculation
B= InfernAK-47 [Ricardo Rojas]>>Bestialized, Venator Infernalis – Ivan Perverssturm>>Funebria – Ar’taqof [Louis Castrillon] – Daemoni>>NECRORÄV>>Daemoni
D= Blood And Disaster>>Bombardier>>Blood And Disaster, Crusher Incarnate – Daemoni>>Bifrons [Luis Carlos Martinez]>>Divine Profanity – DYING B

The black metal militants came together in 2001 and had a demo called The Rise Of Satan’s Artillery in 2003, which may or may have referred to the American-backed Colombian army. The group signed with Germany’s Ketzer Records and issued Satanic Armageddon in 2006. Demongoat took over the vocals in 2009. The album was mastered in Sweden. InfernAK-47 switched to guitar in 2010. Monumental Rebirth Of Satan was a 2011 7” EP. Regni Diaboli was a live album to commemorate the band’s tenth anniversary. Poland-based Seven Gates of Hell issued the band’s 2016 EP, Proelium, but it was nothing more than a bunch of cover versions. Horncrowned’s Rex Exterminii (The Hand Of The Opposer) was out through Ketzer Records in 2020.