Satanic Armageddon – 2006 – Ketzer
Regni Diaboli – 2012 - Goathorned
Defanatus (Diabolus Adventus) – 2014 - Ketzer
Rex Exterminii (The Hand Of The Opposer) - 2020 - Ketzer

Horncrowned image
Inoculation, Satanizer>>Blast-phemer>>Inoculation, Satanizer, Betray The Kidnapper, Stnzr Cult – The Arsenicum Potestas>>DEMONGOAT [EDWAIN MORALES]>>The Arsenicum Potestas

Inoculation, Daemoni, Satanizer, The Arsenicum Potestas>>DEMONGOAT [EDWAIN MORALES]>>Inoculation, Daemoni, Satanizer, The Arsenicum Potestas – Diabolium>>Stnzr Cult, Molecular Decay – Dev Spectrum – BSK [Diego Mojica]>>Hellblood, Divine Profanity, Bloodhymns – Venator Infernalis>>InfernAK-47 [Ricardo Rojas]>>Venator Infernalis – Nosferatu, Daemoni, Inoculation>>FERAT [GERMAN ARIAS]>>Nosferatu, Daemoni, Inoculation

InfernAK-47 [Ricardo Rojas]>>Bestialized, Venator Infernalis – Ivan Perverssturm>>Funebria – Ar’taqof [Louis Castrillon] – Daemoni>>NECRORÄV>>Daemoni

Blood And Disaster>>Bombardier>>Blood And Disaster, Crusher Incarnate – Daemoni>>Bifrons [Luis Carlos Martinez]>>Divine Profanity – DYING B

History & Biography
The black metal militants came together in 2001 and had a demo called The Rise Of Satan’s Artillery in 2003, which may or may have referred to the American-backed Colombian army. The group signed with Germany’s Ketzer Records and issued Satanic Armageddon in 2006. Demongoat took over the vocals in 2009. The album was mastered in Sweden. InfernAK-47 switched to guitar in 2010. Monumental Rebirth Of Satan was a 2011 7” EP. Regni Diaboli was a live album to commemorate the band’s tenth anniversary. Poland-based Seven Gates of Hell issued the band’s 2016 EP, Proelium, but it was nothing more than a bunch of cover versions. Horncrowned’s Rex Exterminii (The Hand Of The Opposer) was out through Ketzer Records in 2020. Magna Tormentorum (20 Years Of Extreme Devil's Worship) of 2022 was an independent release. The band opened for Sacramentum in Bogota in 2023.