Hornwood Fell – 2014 – Bruma/Avantgarde
Yheri – 2015 – Bruma/Avantgarde
My Body, My Time – 2017 – Avantgarde
Damno Lumina Nocte – 2019 – Third I Rex

Hornwood Fell image
S= Hastur>>MARCO BASILI>>Hastur

G= Hastur, Nor, Nur Run>>MARCO BASILI>>Hastur, Nor, Nur Run

B= Krom, Kailash>>Andrea Vacca

D= Hastur Evocation, Hastur, Krom, Kailash, Vinter Fresa, Nur Run>>ANDREA BASILI>>Hastur, Kailash, Vinter Fresa, Nur Run

History & Biography
The band was founded in May 2013 and issued its Hornwood Fell debut only a year later. This band was essentially the same as Krom and subsequently Kailash. Avantgarde Music was issuing My Body, My Time by black metal act Hornwood Fell in November 2017. The band was seeking a label to release its Inferus EP in physical format in 2018. Cursed Thoughts - Part I and Cursed Thoughts - Part II were 2020 independent releases inspired by French poet Charles Baudelaire and Edgar Allen Poe. The 2020 demo Degli Alberi E L'acque È Notturno followed. Keres was a 2021 demo.

The members are twin brothers.



Hornwood Fell