The Chills – 2012 - Dark Descent
Ecdysis – 2014 - Dark Descent
Anareta – 2015 - Dark Descent
Idol – 2018 – Season Of Mist
Ontological Mysterium - 2023 - Season Of Mist

Horrendous image
Fields Of Elysium>>DAMIAN HERRING - The Silver>>MATT KNOX>>The Silver

Fields Of Elysium>>DAMIAN HERRING - Crypt Sermon, The Silver>>MATT KNOX>>Crypt Sermon, The Silver

Midnite Hellion, On Topm The Silver>>ALEX KULICK>>The Silver

The Silver>>JAMIE KNOX>>The Silver

History & Biography
University friends founded this gore metal band in 2009. The Knoxs are brothers and, along with Damian Herring, had attended the University Of South Carolina. A 2009 demo was called Sweet Blasphemies. Colorado Springs’ Dark Descent Records was releasing a limited-run cassette from the band in mid-2010. Kreator headline early 2017’s Decibel Magazine Tour. Support came from Obituary, Midnight and Horrendous. Alex Kulick joined in 2016 to pick up the bass player slot. Season Of Mist signed Horrendous in the autumn of 2017. The USA-based death metal band was releasing its fourth album through the label. Horrendous’ new album Idol was out through Season Of Mist on September 28th.

Ontological Mysterium arrived in the summer of 2023, an album that the band had been working on for over three years. In advance of its release the band conducted the Southwestern Mysterium Tour of the USA with Penury opening several concerts. A poster by artist Daniel Warren Johnson was included in a vinyl version. The band was booked for Decibel Magazine's 20th Anniversary Show on August 31. There was a trend everywhere to play "sets" so the band played an Ecdysis set. Immolation was playing a First 20 Years Set.