The Lynch - Lawyers - 2005 - Black Mark

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Whispering Forest, Assamalla>>PCHN>>Whispering Forest, Assamalla

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History & Biography
Horricane was formed in 2002 and specializes in a harsh industrial rock sound replete with effects and synthesizers. The band has opened for the likes of Fear Factory and Mortiis and also performed at Norway’s Inferno Festival.

The group issued a demo called The Lynch Lawyers' Death Squad in 2004. The band entered Zorg Sound studio in February of 2005 and within three months completed work on its debut for Black Mark production. The band and Black Mark parted ways in early 2006. PCHN had departed by then.


Horricane... what a horrible name. With 'Hurricane' being unavailable the band has instead adopted this horrid monicker. One would be forgiven for deeming the band horrendous before even hearing the music. Now and before delving into the music it bears pointing out that the band shot on the album features a limousine and a black driver. Seeing that there are no black members in Horricane one has to wonder at the band’s decision to depict a black driver. It is hopefully all in the name of fun 'n games.
Horricane hails from Estonia where it has achieved the honour of obtaining a contract with no less than the esteemed and eminent Black Mark label for its debut album. Extreme gruff vocals, extreme guitars and a disjointed but all right drumming form the backdrop to a whack of keyboards, synthesizers, loops and other miscellaneous juvenile antics to ensure that the band’s introduction to the world becomes an arrested development. The perfect example is the track One Hundred Shots with its monotonous drum rattle and heaving synthesizers (and a female moan to boot) as to why this band will never go anywhere - the odd 150-seat Estonian 'festival' notwithstanding. What a joke.
Bands with synthesizers are the McDonald’s of the metal scene. They are everywhere, represent the lowest end of the food chain and, not ironically, are the cancer of heavy metal: eating it from within! The joke really is on the band though. No. - Ali “The Metallian”