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History & Biography
Horror Of Horrors was a death metal band with ties to Maryland in the US of A. It was formed in the winter of 1994 after two members left Exmortis following personal differences. The band issued a 7" EP in 1994 as a split with Judecca. After the debut the quartet had the opportunity to play with Kreator and DRI. Blood Of The Suspicious was a reissue of Fangs... album. The band played the Milwaukee Metal Fest twice. The band slowly broke up after Buddy had a work injury, Aantar moved to Florida and inactivity took over. Chewka tried to continue the band with new members (including drummer Steve Rodriguez), but nothing came out of it. A deal was signed with Poland's Immortal Records for Purveyors Of Fine Filth album. Buell joined a reunited Devastation.

Rust Flesh Dust was uploaded in 2017, but was recorded seven years earlier. Kevin Talley drummed and Kelly Mclauchlin played guitar. Horror Of Horrors' Sounds Of Eerie was rereleased by Huangquan Records in 2024.


One quick peak at this album cover and even the album title suffices to prove that in the couple of years between this and the band's debut (Sounds of Eerie) guitarist Chewka and crew have not undergone major changes. Staying to true to one' s art is always a good thing - in spite of everything the commercial magazines say. So HOH are still churning out speed-oriented death metal with a nod towards the extreme moments of thrash metal as bands like Nokturnel and early Sadus attempted some years ago. The four piece do mix tempos, and if they have to be named, then the guitars would certainly be the best thing about this 1997 (yes it took its while to get here) release with the vocals acting as runners up. While certainly not 'bad' by any definable measure, the drumming of newcomer (yet already-departed) Lee Coates sounds to these ears as a little loose or better-described unfocused. The band clearly do not benefit from a major engineering effort in respect to their sound, but Lee would do well should he tighten up a few screws on his kit - although he tries to prove me wrong on a track like Tragic. Chewka writes that the band is releasing both a demo material and an album of new material on Poland's Immortal Records, but the wait can only be tempered by seeking out this instrumentally-oriented slab. - Ali "The Metallian"


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