Wrong Side of the Road - 1999 - Demonic
Pictures Of Pain - 2001 - Empire
Live Collision - 2003 - Death Core
The Crushing Design - 2005 - Shark
Evoking Demons - 2006 - Metal Mind

Horrorscope image

Back From The Pit>>LECH “BLACKPITFATHER” SMIECHOWICZ>>Back From The Pit - Genesis Of Aggression>>Krzysztof Pistelok

Darius Wojczyk - TOMASZ WALCZAK

Sebastian Szroeter - Piotr Szczepaniak - Adam Jendrzyk - Nomad>>PIOTR PECZEK

History & Biography
Around 1996 guitarist Smiechowicz is in a thrash metal band called Disonance when the band sheds members to other acts leaving the guitarist to form a new band called Horrorscope. One of the new members is Pistelok who had previously shared another band with Smiechowicz.

Adam Brylka joined the band in 1998 and the band recorded a demo called Worship Game. The band recorded and released its debut album as a cassette through Poland’s Demonic Records. Sebastian Szroeter is soon replaced by Piotr Szczepaniak, yet the new man does not last and is replaced by Arkadiusz Kus and Adam Jendrzyk. The former man is used for live shows. The band records a new demo and signed with Empire Records. Yet another line-up change hit the band in 2001 when the band’s bassist was a new name, Tomasz Walczak, replacing Darek Wojczyk. The band supported the second album through a variety of shows including support for Napalm Death at Poznan’s Metalfest.

Pictures Of Pain is released nominally in America through Crash Music. The band inducted drummer Peczek at this time. More European shows followed and the band issued a live CD-R called Live Collision. Metal Mind and Shark Records released The Crushing Design in 2005. Following several shows and festivals the group issued a new album, Evoking Demons, at the end of 2006. A DVD is also shot.


With a name like that these Polish thrashers were asking for Overkill comparisons and, sure enough, the band thrashes a lot like Overkill here and there. The band even has loud and booming bass sound. What do you know?
The band is closer to Testament’s Demonic (evoking demons?) or The Gathering albums. Given the style and the vocals of Adam Brylka Evoking Demons could have been a Testament album and, by the way, it is that good. Other comparisons would be Forbidden (minus the leads) or Dark Angel. A fitting sound accompanies the album.
The band is at its best when it goes for the throat with a pounding thrash riff and speed like on songs The Tide and Headhunters and probably weaker when Adam tries the melodic vocal approach on The Inner Pride and Light The Fuse. The melodic/gruff thing has never worked really. It is hard to explain, but the band closes the album with a so-called 'bonus track' called Evil which is a Mercyful Fate cover version. It is a strange choice and one that obviously doesn’t work. Still, Horrorscope might be the best unknown signed thrash metal band out there! - Anna Tergel